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Who Are We...
From the early beginning
About Nawras Abu Saleh

* A young Palestinian filmmaker began his career in the media since he was a student at the university.

* In 2007, was awarded the “aljazeera Talk” ranked first for his short film, "a plate of Hummus".

* In 2008, A graduate of the Australian Institute film industry.

* Filmmaking supervisor and lecturer at the Australian Institute in 2009.

* Holds Al Jazeera Centre certificate for Training and Development (the production of documentary films) assessed 100% by 120 credit hours.

* A Director of many video clips (for children) on the Toyor Aljannah channel

* Directed considerable number of music video clips for 4shabab MTV.

* Participating in the Cannes Film Festival 2011 with. The drama film “truce” in the short film corner talks about the war in Gaza late of 2008.

*Currently, the General Manager of Nawras Media Company.

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The new artwork company for research and shooting media company ( N.A.W.R.A.S Media ) is a production company which is specialized in artistic media production in art and media. Our work includes:

1 - video clips: produced and/or directed more than 20 video clips.

2 - advertisements and commercials: the company produced a large number of commercials of products, institutions and campaigns, e.g. Jerusalem Arab Culture Campaign 2009 .

3 - Documentaries: N.A.W.R.A.S Media staff participated in the production of several documentaries for Al-Jazeera and some festivals.

4 - short films and drama: N.A.W.R.A.S Media produced the film "Hodna" which was approved at Cannes Film Festival 2011 . 

N.A.W.RA.S Media looks forward to participating in the production of a group of films in Hollywood. Our company has signed on this period several contracts with number of producers in Hollywood.

Representing the company in the world of Hollywood is our strategic partner director known as “Wicktor Grodesky”.

About Nawras media
We as a company have multiple approaches employed to suit the conservative, Islamic background,
towards more meaningful means of media.
Much of our work is directed in the interest of the Palestinian Cause and Islamic Nasheed.
In our work of supporting Palestine, we are proud, with the aid of Allah, to have participated in “Cannes International Film Festival 2011”, at the short movies category with a drama called “Truce”.
As for Nasheed, we have a vast range of Anasheed clips that you can obtain off our YouTube channel.
We hope that you enjoy your tour within the sections of our website.
Should you have any inquiries or comments, please do not hesitate to write to us.
Our Departments
• Directing department
            script writing, story-boarding, directing, production supervising

• Production management
            script breaking, scheduling, budgeting

• Photography and Video Unit.
            Video shooting, photographs, equipments rental

• Post -Production Unit
            Editing, Visual effects, sound effects, graphic design

• Publishing department
            publishing on networks

• financing department:
            Financing, sponsoring، co-finance